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Monday, April 26, 2010

Experimenting with Texture Overlays

While finishing up the revision of my book the Joy of Digital Photography I did some experimenting with texture overlays and I'll write more about them in a day or two. Basically using an overlay is just a matter of using two images: one of a normal subject, the other of just a texture. You then merge them in Photoshop and create a blend (using the opacity setting) between the texture and the subject. It's a lot of fun and you get some very interesting results. I've been using textures sold by a company called the Flora Bella Collection and, again, I'll write more about this topic and show you what a straight texture file looks like soon. In the meantime, this is Mama Kitty, one of my two cats, and one of the Flora Bella textures.


rhsivils2 said...

I went to the Florabella website. I just love stuff like that. I am sooo loving digital photography. The possibilities are just endless!!

Jeff Wignall said...

Yes, they are endless--which is why at 4:06 a.m I'm at my computer doing Photoshop instead of sleeping (or eating). :)

Lynne said...

diddle mama boo