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Friday, March 18, 2011

Watching Sleeping Kitties (Earnestly) Sleep

As I've mentioned in the past few postings, one of the fun things about updating a book and needing lots of photos is that it makes you delve deeper into your files--something that everyone should do now and then. While going through a folder of gardening photos from last June the other night,  I found a series of pictures of one of my cats sleeping. I love the very tight framing and the photo isn't cropped, either--I shot her with a 200mm lens from a few feet away (actually, a 70-300mm Nikkor set at 200mm). I'll probably use the photo in the book. I love watching the cats sleep--they sleep so earnestly, so intently. I can tell from the green carpeting that I shot this frame on my back porch, but I used built-in flash to avoid camera shake. Flash fires for such a brief duration (especially with close subjects) that camera shake is completely avoided. Go through those old files, lots of fun stuff in there!

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Barrier Island Girl said...

I really like this photo tip, Jeff. Hummingbirds are beginning to migrate through our areas, so I've put out half a dozen feeders and hope to use this technique on them...if they ever find my yard!